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Where to snorkel with turtles in Tenerife 2024

Where to snorkel with turtles in Tenerife

If you want to see turtles snorkelling in Tenerife there is a place on the island where you are sure to find them in their habitat, without the need to dive to great depths or far from the coast.

Snorkelling with turtles and kayaking with dolphins

  • This is a kayak route from Los Cristianos to Palm-Mar. On the way you will meet dolphins in total freedom and you will be able to paddle alongside them. When you arrive at Palm-Mar, a guide will take you to the turtles‘ habitat to swim with them.
  • This is the most complete activity to get to know the Canarian marine fauna in its habitat. A marvellous spectacle that must be carried out with respect for the animals and the environment.

Meeting point: Edificio Guayero, Los Cristianos. Av. Juan Alfonso Batista, 14, 38650.

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Watch the video of the activity!

What is included in the price?

  • Kayak
  • Paddles
  • Life jacket
  • Goggles and snorkel or snorkelling mask
  • Neoprene wetsuits if needed
  • Boots
  • Third party and accident insurance for all participants
  • Fully qualified and experienced guide

📷 The guide will take photos of the activity which you can buy for 15€ at the end of the tour.

Important information

  • Meeting point: Edificio Guayero, Los Cristianos. Av. Juan Alfonso Batista, 14, 38650.
  • Languages available: Spanish, English, French, German, Polish and Russian.
  • Duration of the activity: 2 hours
  • No kayaking experience required
  • It is essential that you know how to swim
  • The minimum age for this activity is 6 years old.
  • Adequate level of fitness is required
  • There is a weight limit of 180 kg for double kayaks.
  • If you are prone to motion sickness, it is a good idea to take a non-drowsy motion sickness tablet 30 minutes before the activity.
  • The activity is not suitable for pregnant women and people with back problems.

How is the kayak and snorkel tour with turtles?

1. A short briefing from the instructor

Before entering the water, a guide will explain what you need to know to do the activity comfortably and safely.

We know you’re looking forward to swimming among turtles, but this part is important and you need to pay attention! 😉

2. Choosing snorkelling equipment

The next step is to choose the snorkelling equipment that suits you perfectly. To do this, the instructor will help you choose a snorkelling kit of your choice, including snorkelling mask, lifejacket, rock boots and wetsuit (if you need it).

We advise you to leave your personal belongings such as your mobile phone, keys or wallet in the centre so that they don’t get lost at sea. If you want to take them with you, make sure you put them in a waterproof, vacuum-sealed bag so that they don’t get wet.

Now, let’s get into the water!

3. Getting into the kayak

Once on the shore, you will get into the kayak with the help of the instructor.

To avoid the waves, it is best to start paddling quickly towards open water for the first 50 metres.

At the end of this short stretch the group gathers to start the route to the sea turtle area.

4. Kayak route with dolphins

There is an area about 300 metres offshore where pods of up to 30 dolphins of 5 different species can be found.

Not everyone knows about it, but thanks to our guide you will be able to access it well accompanied and in complete safety.

The turtles are just around the corner!

5. Snorkel con tortugas marinas

When you reach the turtle habitat, you’ll drop anchor to jump out of the kayak and snorkel with the turtles for 30 minutes.

Relax and enjoy this wonderful spectacle in the middle of nature. Admire the turtles and the rest of the marine fauna in the wild.

Remember that they are wild animals and you must respect them. Do not disturb or touch them and keep a safe distance.

6. Back to the beach

It’s time to leave the turtles alone and go back to the beach!

You will get back into the kayak to return to Los Cristianos beach following the guide’s instructions. Once there, the guide will help you to get out of the water and take the kayak out of the water.

Finally, you’ll return to the snorkelling shop to return the snorkelling equipment, pick up your personal belongings and buy the pictures of the activity if you like them and want to have a nice souvenir.

Book your place!

El Bufadero (Palm Mar) – The best place to dive with turtles in Tenerife

El Bufadero in Palm-Mar is nowadays the only place to swim among sea turtles while snorkelling, a cove where you will only need a mask to swim, interact with them and see them up close.

The species of turtle you will find is the green turtle, the most common on the island of Tenerife and in general in all the Canary Islands.

Palm-Mar is a small village in Tenerife South, between Los Cristianos and Las Galletas. Once you enter the village, go to La Arenita beach. This is what you will find.

Sea turtles move around the area and change places. Without a doubt the best thing to do is to hire a tour with a professional guide and kayak included, which in addition to showing you the turtles will take you to other hidden places where you can see more marine fauna.

Also, if you don’t know the area, you should be careful with the currents and rocks, so don’t do anything crazy and go for a safe excursion!

This is what it’s like to swim with turtles in Tenerife south

In addition to turtles you will see more marine fauna such as rays and even dolphins.

Information about El Bufadero (Tenerife south)

Dive in El Bufadero (Palm-Mar, Tenerife South)
  • Depth: average 15 m, maximum 23 m
  • Difficulty level: all levels
  • Interest: Fauna. Species representative of sandy and rocky-sandy seabeds.
  • Access: by boat or kayak. Nearest port, Los Cristianos.
  • Users: Diving centre. Busy.
  • Advice: Do not enter the small cave of the bufadero if you are not experienced. When the sea is rough the pressure rise is very annoying, even dangerous for your eardrums.
  • Current: non-existent, sheltered.
  • Type of seabed: rocky with a steep slope. At the deepest point it is sandy with scattered large stones.
  • Marine fauna: Turtles, sea bream, sea bream, grunts, bogue, red mullet, red mullet, trumpet fish, vieja, seifia, mice, angelfish, stingrays, sponges, nudibranchs, Canary Island crayfish…
  • Exploration: anchor near the cliff (-12 metres). Follow the slope until you reach the border area of rock and sand. This is where most of the fauna is concentrated.
  • Remember that we are talking about a dive with turtles and other marine animals, not snorkelling.

Without a doubt the best thing to do is to get out of trouble and make the most of your experience in complete safety. How? By booking your place on an excursion with guide professionals, who will show you the hidden corners where you can dive among turtles, fish and a whole host of marine life on this marvellous beach in the south of Tenerife.

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Recommendations for snorkelling with turtles for the first time

Snorkelling with turtles in Tenerife, diving into the waters of the Atlantic, being in direct contact with nature… These are unique experiences that deserve to be enjoyed to the full.

To do it with total peace of mind, take a couple of minutes to read these recommendations if you are a beginner snorkeller and you are going to snorkel with turtles.

Minimum equipment

  • Sunscreen (even if you’re wearing wetsuit). Put sun cream on your uncovered skin before entering the water, because even if it’s cool in the water, the sun’s rays are still strong.
  • Thermal T-shirt or neoprene. Depending on the season in which you visit the turtle cove, it will be better to wear more or less thermal protection to be comfortable. Although in summer it may be hotter and you may feel like wearing just a bikini or swimming costume, the best thing to do is always to protect yourself with your head.
  • Goggles and snorkel or full mask, what do you prefer? Whatever you feel most comfortable, but make sure they fit you well and don’t give you any problems in the water.
  • For your feet, either fins, or booties, or water shoes.
  • Waterproof camera. Go for the hike and you won’t have to carry your camera or worry about losing it. Just enjoy swimming among the turtles and let the divers take the photos and videos that will be a hit on your Instagram. HD images and good framing guaranteed!

Snorkelling tips for beginners

Calm your eagerness little padawan, and don’t be brave. Your safety comes first, both for yourself and for the other swimmers. Only when the sea is calm will it be a good idea to snorkel with the turtles. Go with others. Swim calmly, enjoying the sensation of floating in the ocean among the Canarian marine fauna in their habitat. Don’t rush with the time so that the sun doesn’t set when you’re in the sea.

The professionals of the excursions or diving schools are your best allies if you want to snorkel with turtles in Tenerife with total peace of mind, for all levels! Let them advise you and rent a kayak or book the whole excursion and forget about problems.

Care for and respect turtles, in Tenerife and all over the world

Turtles are animals that travel thousands of kilometres across the immensity of the ocean throughout their lives, and by God, we humans are the main cause of their disappearance and the degradation of their habitat.

  • You are now in their home, so your mission is to be the best host. So…
  • Don’t grab or hit the turtles.
  • Don’t capture them.
  • Don’t feed them.
  • Don’t leave plastic or rubbish around them.

Don’t do stupid things! 🙂 Sea turtles are included in the Canary Islands Catalogue of Protected Species (Law 4/2010, 4th June), as SPECIES OF SPECIAL PROTECTION, as well as being protected by other international conventions.