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Discover Scuba Diving in Tenerife

A diving baptism is the first dive that a person does in scuba diving, and what better way to get started in the underwater world than with a diving baptism in Tenerife? It is possible to make your first diving experience a lifelong memory.

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  3. We will give you all the details and set a day and time to do the diving baptism.

Baptism information

  • Location of the baptism: Abades, Tenerife South
  • Price: 70€ per person (all inclusive, no hidden costs).
  • Offer for residents: Diving baptism for two people for 55€/person.

Discover scuba diving offers in Tenerife

Choose from a number of places on the island to make your first dive.

To get started in scuba diving, the best thing to do is to be accompanied by professional expert divers who guarantee safety and comfort so that the experience is wonderful.

For this reason, the diving baptism in Tenerife begins with a theoretical explanation, where you will receive all the instructions and recommendations to enjoy diving underwater in complete safety.

Once you have learnt the basics, you will walk to the shore with the instructors. You will then move to a calm area where the dive will take place.

The baptism lasts 45 minutes and you will reach a maximum depth of 12 metres. During this time all that remains is to enjoy the spectacular seabed of Tenerife, with its fauna and biodiversity.

During the baptism, the staff will be taking photographs which you will later receive in your email. So, as well as diving for the first time, you’ll have a beautiful souvenir in pictures that will at least be a hit on your Instagram.

Details of scuba diving for beginners

  • It is done in small groups, so that there is at least 1 instructor for every 2 people.
  • The total duration of the diving baptism is 3 hours, including theory and practice.
  • Minimum age: 10 years old (children must be accompanied by an adult).
  • The diving baptism is conducted in several languages.
  • The instructors are trained and prepared, and are professionally dedicated to diving.
  • Full diving equipment and insurance is included to protect you in case of any incident.
  • This activity is not recommended if you are going to fly or climb Teide in the next 24 hours, due to pressure changes.
  • The price indicated in the offer is the price per person. Click on the offer to see the price.

What equipment will you use on your first scuba dive?

Remember that all the equipment is included when you book your first dive with our recommended company.

  • Diving mask or visor: with it you will have a clear view underwater. It also includes a nose cover to balance pressure and prevent the suction effect.
  • Neoprene wetsuit: it maintains body heat and the ideal temperature underwater, as well as protecting you from contact with some marine animals such as jellyfish. Neoprene wetsuits have different thicknesses depending on the needs of each user.
  • Air bottle: this is used to store the compressed air that will allow the diver to breathe underwater. It is made of steel or aluminium and has a capacity ranging from 5 to 18 litres.
  • Regulator: this is responsible for reducing the pressure of the air in the cylinder so that the diver can breathe.
  • BCD: holds the tank on the diver’s back and compensates for buoyancy.
  • Thanks to its push buttons, the BCD can be inflated or emptied, allowing the diver to move at different depths.
  • Fins: are placed on the feet and allow the diver to propel himself/herself into the water. A basic element for swimming and diving with little effort.

What marine fauna will you be able to see on your first diving in Tenerife?

Some of the most frequent species in Tenerife’s waters are:

  • Pejeverdes
  • Fulas
  • Viejas
  • Pez trompeta
  • Salemas
  • Tapaculos
  • Pez araña
  • Pez lagarto
  • Sepias
  • Pulpos
  • Chuchos
  • Angelotes
  • and more!

If you are interested in finding out more, you can find out more about the marine fauna of the Canary Islands by clicking on this link.

Tips for first time divers in Tenerife

Diving is a wonderful activity in the heart of nature, capable of transporting you to a new world to discover. Unique sensations for an unforgettable experience. However, it is also an activity that involves a certain amount of risk.

Fortunately, thanks to the fact that the diving instructors are expert professionals, diving in Tenerife is a totally safe activity.

Even so, we would like to give you some recommendations and practical advice so that your first dive goes well:

  1. Don’t hold your breath: it is normal to hold your breath because you are used to diving without equipment or snorkelling, but if you are diving with equipment this is something you should avoid. The reason for this is that if you ascend quickly, it could lead to lung damage because the expanding air would not be able to escape from the airways.
  2. Take care of the pressure in your ears: pressure changes underwater cause an uncomfortable sensation and can lead to ear injuries. To avoid this, simply block your nostrils with your fingers and blow through your nose.
  3. Learn how to empty the water from the mask: if you get water in your mask, there is no need to interrupt the baptism, as emptying the mask is simple. To do this, tilt your head upwards, press the upper frame of the mask against your forehead, and finally blow through your nose. The rest of the water will come out from underneath and the mask will be clean and empty.
  4. Don’t be in a hurry: relax and enjoy your first dive in Tenerife. Not only so that you don’t miss the beauty of the seabed, but also so that you don’t consume more air and shorten the dive time.
  5. Respect the marine fauna of Tenerife and the Atlantic Ocean: not only the creatures that you see, but also those that you don’t see and are stuck to the rocks or on the bottom, such as sponges and other living organisms. The best thing to do is not to touch anything and just observe the fascinating underwater scenery.

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