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Kayaking with turtles in Tenerife

A comfortable and safe way to see turtles in Tenerife. Discover the best kayak route to experience dolphins, turtles and other marine wildlife up close in their natural habitat.

Meeting point: Edificio Guayero, Los Cristianos. Av. Juan Alfonso Batista, 14, 38650.

Remember: this is a kayak only excursion and there is no snorkelling stop. If you prefer to swim with them, check out our section on snorkelling with turtles in Tenerife.

What is included in the price?

  • Kayak
  • Paddles
  • Life jackets
  • Wetsuits (if needed)
  • Boots
  • Third party and accident insurance for all participants
  • Fully qualified and experienced guide

📷 The guide will take photos of the excursion which you can purchase for €15 after the activity.

Important information

  • Meeting point: Edificio Guayero, Los Cristianos. Av. Juan Alfonso Batista, 14, 38650.
  • Languages available: Spanish, English, French, German, Polish and Russian.
  • Duration of the activity: 2 hours
  • No kayaking experience necessary
  • Although we don’t snorkel, you must know how to swim in case you fall out of the kayak into the water at some point.
  • The minimum age for this activity is 6 years old.
  • A suitable level of fitness is required
  • There is a weight limit of 180 kg for double kayaks.
  • If you are prone to motion sickness, we recommend taking a non-drowsy motion sickness tablet 30 minutes before the activity.
  • This activity is not suitable for pregnant women or people with back problems.

What is the kayak tour with turtles and dolphins like?

1. Instructor briefing

First we will meet at the centre so that the instructor can give the group the basic instructions on how to handle the kayak comfortably and safely.

We know you can’t wait to get into the kayak, but this part is important and you need to pay attention! 😉

2. Preparing for the road

Before setting off we will prepare for the route with the appropriate equipment, putting on a swimming costume or wetsuit if the weather requires it.

We recommend that you leave your personal belongings in the centre so that they don’t get wet or lost. If you prefer, you can place them in a waterproof bag that is tightly closed to keep out water.

Now yes, let’s go to the beach!

3. Getting into the kayak

When we are all ready, we will go to the beach in front of the centre to prepare the kayaks.

The instructor will help you into the kayak and propel you into the open water.

When the whole group is in their kayaks, the guide will lead the way and accompany you at all times.

4. Kayak route with dolphins

After paddling about 300 metres out to sea, you will reach the place where the dolphins are, where you can see pods of up to 30 dolphins of five different species.

The guide knows the exact spot and will give you all the indications to see the dolphins in complete safety.

5. Kayaking with sea turtles

After seeing the dolphins we will go to look for the turtles in their habitat.

The guide will accompany you to the place where they live so that you can see them from the kayak without having to swim in the water.

6. Back to the beach

It’s time to go back to the beach!

After seeing the turtles by kayak we will make our way back to the beach of Los Cristianos, always accompanied by the guide.

When the whole group has left the water and there are no more kayaks left in the water, we will go to the centre to collect your personal belongings, and if you wish you can also buy photos of the activity to take home a nice souvenir.

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Kayaking tips for beginners

A kayak (canoe or dugout canoe) is a perfect way to get close to marine wildlife without having to dive into the water. Moreover, it does not pollute the environment or make noise that disturbs the animals.

It is very easy to handle and no experience is necessary, as with just a few instructions from our guide you will master it in a few minutes.

Before you go to see the turtles, here are some kayaking tips for beginners:

Body posture

To adopt the correct position in the kayak, bend your knees slightly and place them against the sides of the canoe. This will give you stability and more power in your strokes.

Grabbing the oar

The kayak paddle is used for paddling and you should hold it like the handlebars of a bike, with your hands gripping it downwards.

You don’t need to hold it too tightly, but rather in a relaxed “O” shape.

How do you row?

To paddle correctly, place the paddle in the water near your feet. Then pull backwards until it comes out of the water.

The most effective is to give long strokes that go from the feet to the seat. To avoid paddling in a circle, you should paddle with both sides.

If you want to go backwards, do the strokes in the opposite direction: from your seat to your feet.

How is it stopped?

If you want to slow the kayak down, put the paddle in the water and hold it steady to slow the canoe to a stop.

How do you turn it?

It is very simple. To turn right, row only left; and to turn left, row only right.

Are you ready to kayak with turtles in Tenerife? Book and enjoy the experience!