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Sea turtles in Abades, Tenerife south

Diving baptism with sea turtles in Abades

Abades is a small village of white houses in the south of Tenerife, where with luck you will be able to see the turtles that inhabit the area.

If you want to increase your chances of seeing turtles in Abades we advise you to take a dive or a try dive if you have no experience.

Diving baptism with sea turtles in Abades

Book with us!

  1. Contact us by WhatsApp
  2. Tell us how many of you want to dive and when you would like to dive.
  3. We will give you all the details and arrange a day and time for your first dive.

Scuba diving baptism information

  • Location of the baptism: Abades, Tenerife South
  • Price: €70 per person (all inclusive, no hidden costs).
  • Offer for residents: Diving baptism for two people for 55€/person.

Diving and snorkelling to see turtles in Abades

If the turtles are at a close distance, hopefully you will be able to see them on your own while snorkelling, but this is unlikely.

To further ensure sightings, it is best to dive or snorkel in Abades with professional guides to swim with the turtles.

Ismael and Chris know the turtle habitats better than anyone, so don’t hesitate to book a diving or snorkelling session with them.

Information about the village of Abades

Did you know that Abades is officially called Los Abriguitos? This name was a reference to the small coves in the area where the boats took refuge.

With a population of about 800 inhabitants, it is a residential area of white houses with a few restaurants and a couple of supermarkets.

A quiet place surrounded by nature and a calm sea, making it an ideal setting for diving, snorkelling or just a swim on the beach.

Los Abriguitos Beach

In the village of Abades itself is Los Abriguitos beach, a small brown sandy beach with small coves all around to enjoy at low tide.

This is an unguarded beach, so you should swim with caution.

It is easy to access and parking is no problem in the village.

It measures approximately 160m x 40m (length x width) and has showers.

Respect the turtles living in Abades

If you are lucky enough to see turtles at Abades, remember that you are in their home and must be an excellent guest.

  • Do not grab or hit the turtles.
  • Do not capture them
  • Do not feed them
  • Do not leave plastic or litter around them

Don’t be silly! 🙂 Sea turtles are included in the Canary Islands Catalogue of Protected Species (Law 4/2010, 4th June), as SPECIES OF SPECIAL PROTECTION, as well as being protected by other international conventions.

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